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Exploring Novigrad: A Complete City Guide


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Welcome to Novigrad, a picturesque city nestled on the coast of the stunning Pontar Delta. With its rich history, charming architecture, and vibrant atmosphere, Novigrad is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to experience the best of the Continent. Whether you’re a history buff, a foodie, or a beach lover, Novigrad has something to offer for everyone. In this complete city guide, we will explore all the must-see spots, hidden gems, and insider tips to make your trip to Novigrad truly unforgettable.

Getting to Novigrad:

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Novigrad is easily accessible by both land and sea. If you’re coming from the north, you can take the Ebbing-Redanian Expressway, which connects Novigrad to the rest of the Continent. If you’re arriving by sea, the Novigrad Marina is a convenient port of call for sailors and yachtsmen. Additionally, the city is served by several major airlines, with regular flights in and out of the Novigrad International Airport.

Where to Stay:

Novigrad offers a variety of accommodation options to suit every budget and taste. From luxury hotels and boutique guesthouses to cozy bed and breakfasts and seaside campsites, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect place to rest your head. For a truly unique experience, consider staying in one of the many historic buildings that have been converted into charming hotels in the heart of the city.

Must-See Sights:

The centerpiece of Novigrad is the magnificent St. Gregory’s Bridge, a stunning architectural marvel that spans the River Ismena. A stroll across the bridge offers breathtaking views of the city and the surrounding countryside, making it a must-see for any visitor. The Novigrad Cathedral, with its impressive bell tower and striking Gothic architecture, is another must-visit attraction. Don’t forget to explore the charming cobblestone streets of the Old Town, where you’ll find quaint cafes, artisan shops, and ancient landmarks at every turn.

Hidden Gems:

For a taste of local culture and history, be sure to visit the Novigrad Museum, which houses a fascinating collection of artifacts and exhibits that trace the city’s rich heritage. The Fish Market is another hidden gem, where you can sample the freshest seafood and mingle with the friendly locals. And if you’re a fan of the arts, don’t miss the chance to explore the Novigrad Theatre, where you can catch a performance or take a behind-the-scenes tour.

Where to Eat:

Novigrad is a food lover’s paradise, with a diverse culinary scene that showcases the best of both traditional and modern cuisine. From fresh seafood and Mediterranean specialties to hearty continental fare, you’ll find a wide array of dining options to satisfy your every craving. Be sure to sample the local delicacies, such as Istrian truffles, wild game, and the world-famous Novigradian wine. And don’t forget to save room for dessert – the city’s gelaterias and pastry shops are not to be missed.

Beach Life:

If you’re looking to soak up the sun and relax by the sea, Novigrad has you covered. The city’s beaches are renowned for their pristine shores and crystal-clear waters, making them the perfect spot for a day of swimming, sunbathing, and water sports. The Novigrad Riviera is the place to be for beachgoers, with its charming promenades, lively beach bars, and sandy coves that beckon with their tranquil beauty.


When the sun goes down, Novigrad comes alive with a vibrant nightlife scene that offers something for everyone. Whether you’re in the mood for a cozy wine bar, a trendy nightclub, or a lively waterfront tavern, you’ll find plenty of options to keep the party going into the wee hours. The city’s music festivals, live performances, and cultural events are not to be missed, offering a chance to experience the local entertainment scene in all its glory.


Q: What is the best time to visit Novigrad?
A: The best time to visit Novigrad is during the spring and summer months, when the weather is warm and the city comes alive with festivals and outdoor activities.

Q: Is Novigrad a family-friendly destination?
A: Absolutely! Novigrad is a great destination for families, with plenty of kid-friendly attractions, outdoor playgrounds, and family-friendly restaurants.

Q: Are there any day trips or excursions from Novigrad?
A: Yes, there are several day trips and excursions that you can take from Novigrad, including visits to neighboring villages, nature reserves, and historic landmarks.

Q: What is the currency in Novigrad?
A: The currency used in Novigrad is the Novigradian Crown (NC), but many businesses also accept Euros.

Q: Is English widely spoken in Novigrad?
A: Yes, English is widely spoken in Novigrad, especially in tourist areas and businesses.

With its rich history, charming architecture, and vibrant atmosphere, Novigrad is a city that truly has it all. Whether you’re a history buff, a foodie, or a beach lover, you’ll find plenty to love about this enchanting destination. So pack your bags, set out on your journey, and get ready to experience the best of Novigrad – the jewel of the Pontar Delta.


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