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What Is Vedic Astrology? is Vedic astrology accurate

is vedic astrology accurate
is vedic astrology accurate

What Is Vedic Astrology? Vedic astrology is an age old astrological practice that originated in India in the vedic period. This astrology practicing is even now more relevant in India and in fact it has experienced a renaissance in the last few decades. Millions of people in India and all over the world are turning to Vedic astrology to know about their fate and understand their Karma. Now days, more and more Americans are showing their interest in Vedic astrology, using the Vedic horoscopes and Vedic astrology readings. Vedic astrology is also known as Hindu astrology. The Hindu astrology believes that this practice of astrology was introduced on the planet Earth by Hindu testaments called Vedas.

The western astrology is basically lays great emphasis on studying all heavenly bodies to reveal about a person and make predictions accordingly. This kind of astrology finds birth chart of extreme importance in order to get information about a person’s life. The Astrology birth chart in Vedic astrology is know as Janma patri. The Moon and other zodiac sign positions help draw birth chart as well as ascertain Janma Rashi of a person. Similarly Vedic astrology ascertains in sun sign by studying position of sun in relation to other zodiac.

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Ketu and Rahu are the two planetary points that crucially determine a person’s fortune according to vedic astrology. Different positions of Rahu and Ketu can tell a great deal about a person future as well. These points happen to be exactly at geometric distance of one hundred and eighty degree.

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The astrologer practicing vedic astrology is known as Jyotishi. A Jyotishi observes various planetary movements in order to make predictions about a person future . Like on the western astrology, vedic astrology also offers it’s daily, weekly and yearly horoscopes.
Vedic astrology strongly believes that fate of a person keeps changing and it’s effecting his/her actions or karma.

The Vedic astrology also refer to our solar system and planets existing in our solar system are termed as navgarha and along with rahu and ketu they are examined to make astrological statements.

The Vedic astrology observes movements of various astrological stars on imaginary path. Usually there are two groups of stars in this astrology method. The stars are in twenty six clusters and each cluster has it’s own name.

Despite a lot of fuss and skepticism the astrology is gaining popularity in America, Asia and Europe. In India this astrology is even now used for match making, relations and marriage. The Vedic astrology also offers suggestions regarding future actions and plans.

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