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What is Astrology – what is astrology based on

What is Astrology - All about Astrology
What is Astrology - All about Astrology

In this article we will cover subjects like: what is astrology based on, what is astrology the study of, what is astrology sign and what is astrology mean

What is Astrology means? Astrology is the study of planetary position at birth and present time to determine the course of things ahead in life as well as event and details concerning past life or karma using the planets movements and the relations between them. We know that the earliest recording or sign of astrology was found in the 3rd millennium BC!. Astrology has changes and developed over the course of time, influenced culture, early astronomy and other disciplines.

The Astrology uses two ways of predicting the future – one is astrological transits and the other is astrological progressions. It is important to understand how both play, in the way a horoscope and Astrology forecast is read out and predication made. The Astrological transits look into the movement of the planets and the impact of such movements in space on a personal horoscope. Astrological progressions use a set of methods to determine how a horoscope has moved forward over time. Now days, astrologers no longer try to predict actual events… Instead what the Astrologers do, is bring out various general astrological events in order to have better results and give importance to arbitrary and unrelated events.

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There are three main astrological traditions:
These are Vedic astrology, Western astrology and the Chinese astrology.
The Vedic Astrology and western astrology make use by creating an astrological chart or horoscope and make their prediction using the position of the Sun, Moon, and other planets. However, the main difference between Vedic astrology and Western astrology is in the linking of zodiac signs to their original constellations, which while is a feature is not present in western astrology, but is considered of paramount importance in Vedic astrology. The Vedic astrology is in it’s use of nakshatras or lunar mansion and planetary periods known as dashas in future predictions and forecasts.

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The Chinese astrology uses a means that is very different from Vedic and western astrology. Instead of diving zodiac signs according to the sky, they are divided according to the celestial equator and animal. On Chinese astrology, every zodiac sign stands for a year and the sign is combined with a system that uses the five elements of Chinese cosmology to give a 60 (12 x 5) year cycle and animal signs. Chinese astrology is a method not just used in China, it is used in many other Asian countries as well.

Now, the question is – can the future be predicted by astrology and horoscopes? It’s up to you to give the answer based on your believes. Astrology, though considered by many scientific thinkers as some sort of superstition, is actually a science because there is considerable study that goes into making each forecast. Reliable and expert astrologers have been able to bring out future influences to accuracy, but accuracy also depends upon providing correct information and doing knowledgeable calculations and experience.

You can read our Daily Horoscopes that made by Astrologers.

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